Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diary: Weekend 03-05 October 08

Fri 03 October
  • Met J at The Spotted Horse in Putney for an after-work pint. One of my favourite pubs. So cosy.
  • Dinner at old favourite Il Mascalzone. Any wishes for a cheap meal went out the window when she saw the Lobster Linguine on the menu.
  • Headed home kinda early, but a full-on Guitar Hero tournament with J and L meant sleep was some time away...

Sat 04 October

  • J had a full-day course, so a quiet day
  • Had a birthday dinner for a friend at Blue Elephant. As I've said before, I can't honestly tell the difference between cheap and expensive Thai. Nonetheless, it was great. The banquet made ordering easy, too (always a hard thing with a big group)
  • Wandered from there to the Cock & Hen - definitely one of the nicer pubs around Fulham Broadway. Good weissbeers on tap too. They kicked us out at closing time (midnight, I think???)
  • We could have left it there, but the group was up for more, so we went to the Sugar Hut. It definitely wasn't this loud last time, was it?!?! Had a good laugh, though, but the drinks were terrible (Russian-babe bar staff weren't hired for their bartending skills...)

Sun 05 October

  • Bugger all!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Diary: Weekend 26-28 September 08

Fri 26 September

  • Was travelling back from the North-West during the afternoon
  • Dinner at Reun Thai, Fulham. Nice, but I have to be honest and say that I can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive Thai...
  • Drinks at Distillers, Fulham for Angelina's going away. I like this place, despite what the review said

Sat 27 September

  • Was up far too early to watch the GF. Great game, brilliant to watch. Well worth getting up at 5:30 on a Saturday.
  • Had planned to go to the DMC World Champs, but couldn't rustle together a group.
  • Instead, we finally visited Wandsworth Bridge Rd, which we'd ridden past on the bus a million times. We settled for Il Pagliacco. This place is almost a caricature of Italian restaurants (waiters shouting, pizzas getting thrown etc). It feels a little contrived and a bit "Menu Turistico", but the actual menu isn't too bad, with a couple of dishes out of the ordinary. We might come back, but I wouldn't rush back (we can get similar quality food without the histrionics at Il Mascalzone)

Sun 28 September

  • Nice and quiet...
  • Plenty of TV (including a Weeds marathon)