Monday, June 30, 2008

Diary: Weekend 27-29 June 08

Fri 27 June
  • "Hat Party" at Hilton and Mandy's. Plenty of beers and silly chatter

Sat 21 June

  • Protein overload at Santa Maria Del Sur, an Argentinian Steakhouse in Battersea. Huge steak, sausage, black pudding and cheese grill platter. So satisfying. A bit pricey, but worth it given we haven't had a decent steak in a while.

Sun 22 June

  • Quiet day (like Saturday), organising holiday plans.
  • Watched the Euro2008 final (ESP-GER) at Brook Green Hotel, around the corner from G's place. Overpriced beers (£4.10 Peroni pints) and food, and took an eternity to arrive after they messed up the order. Good result in the game, though.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diary: Weekend 20-22 June 08

Fri 20 June
  • Exhausted upon getting home. Quick dinner at Spur, a "family" steak restaurant. Mediocre (except the price wasn't!)

Sat 21 June

  • Met up with a Perth cousin, Julie, who's been in town a few days
  • Went for dinner to Cha Cha Moon. Fantastic. Awesome noodles, really really simple and ridiculously cheap. Everything on the menu is £3.50. Can't argue with that. Thankyou TimeOut. I will now be taking everyone here.
  • A quick beer at the old tourist favourite, Waxy O'Connors. Too packed with football watchers (NED v RUS)
  • Cocktails at Lab. A winner. Brilliant cocktail menu (although their signature martini was just too harsh for a softc*ck like me). Thankyou again, TimeOut

Sun 22 June

  • Dim Sum!!! Hell yeah, it's been about a year. New World again, brilliant again. Salt + fat + wrapping = best brunch ever.
  • Another top discovery. The beer garden at my local (King's Arms) is absolutely massive. A couple of quiet pints with J and L in the sun. Top stuff.
  • Watched FRA v ITA with G and sister at The Northcote. Nowhere to sit, unfortch, and the game itself was dire. Good beers anyway

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Diary: Weekend 13-15 June 08

As I said before, just scroll down and ignore it...

Fri 13 June
  • Quick dinner at Cafe Bugatti. Completely empty as always, but good pasta at good prices. And by "good pasta", I mean not just some lazy menu of Carbonara, Bolognese, Arrabiatta, Napelotana, Primavera, Lasagna, Cannelloni, Ravioli, Tortellini Alla Panna, and some crap "chicken with creamy sun-dried tomato sauce. I mean some actual imagination. Let's hope it manages to stay open for a while longer when there's no customers (although we all know it's just a front for some scam anyway).
Sat 14 June
  • Linda's 30th Birthday Party at her place in Fulham in the afternoon. Beers punctuated by lollies, and a lot of Kiwis.
  • From there, straight to Brixton Academy for a N*E*R*D gig. Got there late (as always), with the main act already started. Sound was strangely crap, so couldn't even work out what songs were playing at times. Good show nonetheless, with nice bonus of hearing Frontin', although minus Jay-Z

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Coming Soon: Boring Minutae!

If anything is more pathetic than a blog with no readers (and, based on recent production, no writer either!), it's when the content is meaningless.

And since I've never been afraid of dredging the depths of the pathetic, I've decided that I'll now use this blog to record the boring events of my life in London.

It will probably just be dot points and maybe a few links. What it definitely will be, is completely ignorable. So, my suggestion is, just scroll down when you see it.

Thanks for your patience