Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Diary: Weekend 18-20 July 08

Absolutely terrible week at work, so there was never much chance of a big weekend...

Fri 18 July
  • TV, guitar and sleep. Forget about anything else.
Sat 19 July
  • Toured the Battersea Power Station site, which is open for just a few weekends. You've got to love that building, so it was nice to see it up close. However, the display office of the redevelopment left me feeling sick. So much bullsh!t in one place is too much for me to handle. Perfect example:
                    Travelled out to East London, to finally visit the Vietnamese strip. Went to the best-rated place of the bunch (Song Que) and was completely sated. Pho was excellent, and even found a new dish (Crispy Pancake with Chicken, Bean Sprouts and Herbs - delicious!)
                  • Stopped in a couple of bars around too-cool-for-school Hoxton Sq for some quiet ones before heading home

                  Sun 20 July

                  • Nothing. What a relief...


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